Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh Crap! I didn't know this one.

I was always secure in this one thing. That doctors were always smarter than me. But to my severe dread they on average are not. (Did you know the average IQ of a doctor is 116?)You see I have had two minor strokes. One when I was 17 during a football game in which I was given the co-honor of defensive player of the game for.....that's another story; and another one when I was 34. And I still score 133.

The sad thing is that now that I know this I am curious as to what it was when I was younger. And WF could I have been. F--k all you people who called me dumb and had me believin it. No I take that back. I will not
F--k you people-that might give you pleasure. Crap! That is another story too.

Back to the story. Crap.