Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Open trackbacks

NZ Bear is toying with his system of ratings and has discovered opposition in the blogosphere. I wonder why? I am currently trying to get my open trackback stuff up and running but I must profess a lack of understanding which is definately slowing me down but I know that with perseverance I shall have it.

I left a comment at Stop the ACLU that I am proud of(I hate the word proud) but you should read the rest, also Samantha Burns who has her OTB working and a nice article on the issue as well.

Comment by ron on November 23rd, 2005 @ 3:18 pm

The problem with not counting trackbacks is also that TTLB will not know if any other bloggers are up and coming and it does open a door for a competing blog rating system. There have always been people who figure out how to cheat systems. And no matter what TTLB does people will figure out ways around those efforts . If NZ works too hard at being fair he will end up just making arbitrary decisions on who he likes and doesn't like or at least be giving the appearancee of judging and the blogosphere is not going to like that and vote with their electronic feet and go elsewhere.
One of the ways that I acquired some attention was to go to a lot of sites and make comments. That is how I got my highest rating of adorable rodent(correction Marauding Marsupial) somewhere in the 4000 to 4500 range. Which I have to profess surprise and almost a total lack of understanding at how this stuff really works, but never the less.

I have also noticed that TTLB has some problem with their system because I have 8 or nine links with people who are definitelyly respectable and quite high in their rankings but they are not listed which is giving me a snot rating of blah blah. I was excited and looking forward to the challenge of figuring out ways to get to the next level when this crap started(waaaaaa).

Even so I think it is time for other raters to compete.