Thursday, August 04, 2005

Adult stem cell research

We don't need no stinking embryonic stem cell research. And here is a link or two to help you' all check it for your self.



The Center For Bio Ethics And Human Dignity

Now that the research is maturing into full blown succsessful patient tests 'Why should we spend a nickle on a very divisive item such as embryo stem cell research HMMM?

Only people who want to fight would. Well OK ; it's your money but you could be pouring it into adult stem-cell research rather than spending it on marketing stuff that will only make God mad. A very unprofitable venture I assure you.

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T. F. Stern said...

The reason that the liberal left is so interested in embryonic stem cell reasearch, sad to say but true, is the link with abortion rights. If they can pull off the, "save even one life at the expense of a non viable embryo" arguement, then they have their foot in the door and are past the threashold.