Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Prince of Pot

Ok this guy is selling Marijuana seeds over the internet and 75% of his business is here in the U.S.. He is being arrested and with out the extradition process being brought here for trial. In which he will no doubt be found guilty and sentanced to a long time in prison.

Talk about screwing up my priority mechanism. I hate illegal drugs but I also don't want our government acting imperialistic either. Here is an article reporting on the very recent matter.

"I think you have to put aside Mr. Emery and his politics and look at the bigger issue, which is, to what extent should Canada alter its priorities and resources with respects to policing cannabis?" he told CTV News Vancouver.
"To what extent should we extradite people to face penalties that are substantially more than we would impose?"
If convicted in the U.S., Emery could face a sentence of life in prison.

Ok. I have descided what to add next. If The American judicial system keeps this up I can see them being kidnapped and taken overseas for trial for crimes against humanity too or did you forget that little debate we had last year. @#$%^&*! Nuff said.......

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