Saturday, July 09, 2005

I thought you wanted me back............Brother

Let me explain something to you people.......All who would read this. Like it or not believe it or not I AM A Sword. A weapon of war. My words cut and they cut deep. Right to the very depths of your inner beings. I feel no guilt in this. I keep this sword of mine sharp for it makes no sense to keep a dull sword around. My intent is to cut deep. My intent is to kill those stupid, unwise, foolish ideas that people have. My intent is to rid myself and others of their insanity contained in their compromised ideals and thoughts as expressed openly. I do not participate in open discourse for any other purpose.

Open discourse is not a game. It is a war. And he who has the sharper sword will always prevail.

If any wish to engage me-keep in mind the truth may set you free but it is also the very edge of my blade. Pray tell I only strike you with the flat of it for if I turn it edge on I will do so with all the fervrence of a crusader.

Also if you wish me to engage for you do not do so unless you have no other option for once I begin fighting for you I will do so mercilessly and you can have no reservations nor changing of minds because I will not stop once started. If you start me and do change your mind; once I have finished with your enemy, I will turn on you.

Your ideals will not survive. Need proof of this? Ask the Devil. I believe in only one way of war. Total annihilation

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