Saturday, July 09, 2005

And now a little on liter side.(water that is)

It is once again hurricane season and we have the first major one of the year bearing down on the gulf coast and already our area is recieving evacuees. All the hotels along I-75 as far north as W.R. are packed and turning people away. The sky is turning clowdy even though it is still several hundred miles from landfall in the pan-handle area of Florida.

I mowed my lawn today because I may not get a chance to mow it for a few more and even though it really isn't that high yet in another 3 days it would be a foot high, and the puny lawnmower I have will be struggling to get the job done(not to mention me).

You know how people up north are always saying "It's not the heat; it's the humidity, well not true. Here in Georgia it is both the heat and humidity that gets ya. If it ain't 96 it ain't hot here. And if it ain't humid it's still hot, and it is humid a lot here. The grass grows faster than weeds down here. Gotta mow twice a week as it is. I hear a lot of complaints about the grass growing so fast. And there is really no good time of day to mow, even at at 5 am it is still 72 sweat drenching and humid or at 5 pm it is 95 moist degrees.

Back to the Act of God known as a hurricane Here is a good link to a nexrad weather site.

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