Sunday, May 29, 2005

I got the biggest sandbox

It all started when my wife and I decided to get a pool. Above ground soft side. I insisted that we install it in the back yard inside the fence. Now here is the interesting part I really don't have a back yard,to say it is a little steep. No flat spots. So I began by building a terrace with landscape timbers about 2 ft tall and then having 16 tons of sand hauled in. I figure I moved that 16 tons with 5000 swings of a common spade shovel in one day. The area to fill was 16 ft by 32 ft and I couldn't,t throw the sand that far so I had to move it ten ft or so at a time. Aerobics here I come la la la aaaa ouch. Blister heaven. It works out to about 50 tons of sand. Lucky it was sand-easier to handle. Man what a pump.

After that I leveled an area 16 by 16 to within 1/2 inch accuracy. Installed and set the pool( nothing like a refreshing dip whenever ya want to). Anyway after it was all done I got a chance to look over my handy work and as always there were things I wished I would have done but all in all it would hold. Still didn't feel like I had accomplished much until today this Sunday at 3PM. I jumped in. AHHHHHHH! Now I feel like I did something. Now to keep the neighborhood cats out of it. Hmm.

Oh and as for something else I have that NOOOOO one else in the world has. I have the worlds largest btrm vent fan-for a residence, especially for a 20 sq ft bathroom.. 800 CFM. I installed it just above the commode. It'll make the hair on your head stand straight up but I tell there is no problems with strange odors if ya know what I mean.

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