Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Have You Ever Noticed That women Think About This More Than Men

Concerning strange odors and maybe you muse over why I installed a giant vent fan in our private room (privy)?.

It is cause I know that my crap stinks and I am not interested in covering it up. I am interested in removing it to a place that is more suited to dealing with it than the inside of my house. I have been to those houses that keep a can of rose air freshener on the back of a commode. After a particularly unpleasant event in the biff they try to suffocate the offense with a deluge from these devices and then as chance has it you follow in behind them and of course the cloud has barely cleared up. You can smell this wonderful combination of rose and gas. Why bother smelling the roses any more? I have been permenantly scarred with this horror. Every time I smell roses there is a taint of odor that I reason is not there but I can,t get out of my head.

And how about this one, a rose flavored wedding cake, oh my.

Hears one that will ruin your desire for candy. I have had an ongoing battle with sinus infection and well for a long time couldn't see a dentist. The battle over halitosis raged on and on. Ever been in a conversation with a person with halitosis? It knocks you back a couple of feet. Problem is if you have it the only way to tell is to watch other people and if they suddenly bend away from you and a look of ewe comes over them.....You get the idea. Sometimes it gets pretty bad. So bad that it disgusts even yourself and if you get a little lazy and don't take care of it then eat something-you get halitosis flavored what you eat.....Like candy.

If your wondering-ROFL.

Just my little contribution to the health of America from personal experience. Kind of a forced cut back on your food with some wonderful thoughts. By the way; these things have really happend to me, haven't they happend to you?

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