Sunday, August 15, 2004


I just had the most unusual message left on our answering machine. The woman asked if I did miracles?

I have witnessed miracles of men changing and a nation shifting course to the better and have laid my hands on people and watched their health improve. Have prayed for people who had cancer and within a week heard back that the cancer was completely gone. Disappeared.
I have seen the miracle of a baby that I was given no hope of living and then told to lay my hand on and bless in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost after which a few minutes later I told the Dr. To do as he thought best and that I had the faith that he would be fine. Not only did live but lives and does the things that young men do (sports ect.). I have stood in an auditorium while another prayed for healing of those in the audience to be healed and believed in faith that God would do so and had my lower back be healed. (our family has a congenital lower back problem and mine was beginning to flare up).

Have I ever had the opportunity to heal a withered mans hand? No, but if it be God's will that a day should present one to me I believe that God would heal them.

The one thing that people must remember concerning miracles of any kind are that it is their own faith in God create them . Not mine. That God can heal them is a fact but if an individual does not have the faith to be healed by God they will not be healed. Also consider if you are saved by Jesus and that God is in control that our worries concerning life and death are over. That God is now in control of our life and we serve and live at his pleasure not our own. We will not live one second beyond what is required of us nor one second short. We can rest and trust that God will take care of us in his timing not ours.

That in our lives we will be who we are and experience all that we experience both the good and the evil the gains and the losses as individuals before God as he sees fit not necessarily what we think is right, but that is the way it is.

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