Monday, August 16, 2004


The most unpleasant thing to say in the English language. Doesn't bother me but it botheres the crap out of a lot of other. Hence the reason they don't get along with me. But I am learning to ignore them.

No. I am going to use the right washer for the sink and I am not going to replace the whole water supply when it is not a problem. So you can run off like a spoiled rotten child and pout. Why don't y'all just shoot yourselves because I will tell the truth and I will endeavor to do the job right no matter what stupid ideas y'all come up with.

No! I will not be you, I will be me. No I will not be a good ol boy . You good ol boys have probably got more people killed than Carters got liver pills. So No! Go away!

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