Saturday, July 24, 2004

Distressing Side Effect of Many Diets

Uh oh. New research shows many people gain more weight than they lose when they go on a diet. Why? Blame it on yo-yo dieting and food cravings gone bad. The British Dietetic Association commissioned a survey of 4,000 people to determine the success of the average dieter.
Here are the surprising results, reported by the BBC News Online:--20 percent dieted for up to a month at a time, while 10 percent lasted a full eight weeks.--25 percent said they got bored with dieting and gave up.--Nearly 50 percent said they found dieting too hard and gave in to food cravings and temptation.--Only 20 percent ever reached their target weight.--33 percent said they ended up heavier than their original weight just weeks after their diet ended.--36 percent returned to their original weight.  --20 percent of those who gained weight soon after the diet ended, admitted to gaining more than 14 pounds.--66 percent put all the weight back on that they had lost on the diet with nearly half of those taking just a month to pile on the pounds.--Women were less successful in their dieting than men. Nearly 40 percent of women ended up being heavier than when they had started dieting, compared with 20 percent of men.--Most of the men and women said they were unhappy with their weight."This really confirms what we have been saying all along. All these fad diets don't work," dietician Amanda Wynne told the BBC News Online. "They are very temporary solutions to weight loss. People are putting the weight back on afterwards.
" What can you do to successfully lose weight? Wynne advises people to make small, achievable changes to their diet, such as less fat, smaller portion sizes, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising more.

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I want to add my thoughts in support of the very last statement that also you must let yourselves be a little hungry for a time each day and that should allow your stomach to shrink a little. I also eat less per meal and eat more times during the day creating a very stable weight for myself. I also believe that pushing yourself to a training heart rate for as little as 5 mimutes a week will keep your body metabolism up. Mainly people need to realize we eat to survive. A little self hypnosis will help in that department. Meditatiing which I of course recommend the Bible. Doing stuff that keeps your mind off of food. When you get those hunger pangs find the high in them. Think about God in the pain. Ride the wave. It is amazing what God may reveal to in those moments. People think I have a high tolerance for pain but I do everything I can to avoid injury yet when I get injured or ill I find that wave that is there and float in it. Sounds Zen I guess but that is where I go. I don't cut the pain off necessarily because it is always there but I ride  it not fight it. I don't need no drugs I got God in the spirit. Makes a big difference.


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