Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Ah the good ol days of Highschool football

My Brother Al(Old Whig) brought something up I havent written about.

I was a shotputter (mediocre, but I won a few ribbons) in highschool.  When I started running for exercise, I discovered that I'm actually pretty fast when I try to be, so I missed an opportunity there.  A couple times as a blocker in football I ran down defensive backs, but you have to watch it when you do that that you don't clip 'em.  Tough to make a good block in those circumstances.  I sort of specialized in backside blocking, which, if you don't know, means that when the play was going to the left - I was the right guard -  I had to take out anybody going for the ball from the right.  If I didn't take out three guys I was disappointed.  We had a lot of long runs to the left. Wow, that's gotta be dull for non-football fans.  Or most fans, because very few people give a rat's behind about the intricacies of offensive line play.  I, personally, could care less about what's going on with the ball.  Unless it crossed the goal line because of me. I am, fortunately or un, my brother's brother.  But we try not to afflict the world with reminiscences of our glory days too often.Posted by: Al / 9:58 PM


Go ahead, afflict! Afflict!Being a non-traditional student, I'm surrounded by really young people. It is very easy for me to be the old guy telling old stories. Depending on the specific individuals around me, I fight the urge in differing degrees. Dump punks get the full telling in the most rambling fashion. Attractive young women get ethe same stories but in a slightly more heroic form.Of course, my web site gets absolute gibberish.LiberyBob Homepage 07.19.04 - 12:53 pm #

Gotta be careful around those dump punks. Hey! I gotta check up on the poetry... uh... thing, at LibertyBob's.Old Whig Email Homepage 07.19.04 - 2:58 pm #

Ah yes. The good old days. Remember when I had you bring your gear home and we went out in the back yd and I......Hm. Well any way showed you what it felt like to put a lick on someone. Me no pads and you fully padded. I want you to know that those damn pads hurt. I was looking through my old year books and showing Karen a few things we had not gotten around to looking at and showed her the picture of the young Tim Larsen ( the guy who accidentally hit me just right and gave me whiplash). My teammates thought I was wild. I played on a broken ankle, broke my hand, had one stroke and got whiplash. Whooee I wanted to play bad. I would have had to die to have stopped playing. There was nothing like being out there thumpin and gettin thumped. And there was nothin like playing for a team that played as well as we did.ron Homepage 07.20.04 - 5:59 pm #

I remember watching our former q-back Bruce Mathison finally getting a start with the B-Bills and the announcer mentions that he was from Superior; Wisconsin, and that they play good football up there. Now thats some vicarious living. It still puts a smile on my face.Bruce won the game for the Bills that day. The one and only game they won that year.He scored on an option left from 3 yds. out.ron Homepage 07.20.04 - 6:04 pm #

As for watching you I could not see you in the cluster but I learned to watch the Left side backside linebacker. They always did a dissapearing act. I knew you were responsible for them. Its kinda funny when your watching a bunch of people flowing left and one of them goes boop! Gone.ron Homepage 07.20.04 - 6:08 pm #

I don't know if I was a star even thoug I got two defensive player of the game awards, and a player of the region award the previous year( for blocking a punt that sealed the game against St. Paul Benilde)but I know I saw plenty of stars. You know the kind that flash in front of your eyes as you momentarily blank out from a crusing hit. If I didn't see stars a couple of times a game it was a lame game.Well on and on I could go You know how it is.ron Homepage 07.20.04 - 6:13 pm #

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