Friday, June 04, 2004

Update on my health

My neck is healing ok but this pneumonia is a hanger on. Don't let anyone kid you pneumonia hurts. Your lungs try to fill up with fluid and then your muscles try to get the fluid out. Cramp. You can feel every air sac. And we have a lot of them in our lungs.
I thought I had gotten rid of it but nope. It came back like the terminator. My Doctor changed anti-biotics and the second one Avalox didn't touch the stuff. In fact it made me feel like I had the flu. Finally he put me back on the first, Spectracef and within hours some of my air sacs started opening up in my right lung. The Doc wanted me to go to a respiratory specialist. I vetoed that and asked that he allow me to continue on with the anti biotic that gave me results. He was worried that I might have lung cancer. I said lets try this first "if I have a choice" because if I had lung cancer I didn't want to know about it.
I told him that I would just let it kill me if I had cancer. That set off a whole series of questions concerning my mental health. Just like in 1996 as I was struggling against my own family concerning there lackadaisical attitude towards worshiping Jesus.I reassured him it was a conscious choice. I had seen too many people with cancer suffer through the chemo and surgeries only to have the efforts be a failure. In the mean time they lost valuable quality of life time. Plus I told him that earth is just not my home.
Anyway back to my lungs. I am confident that it is just bacteriological in nature and not cancer.

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