Sunday, May 30, 2004

That's Minnesnowta for you

Minn. Cracks Down on Underpriced Gasoline

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend and as the cost of gasoline continues to climb, Minnesota is cracking down on service stations over gas prices. Prices that are too low, that is.

Update on link to the article concerning Minnisota cracking down on gas prices: The link failed so the only thing I can assure is that it is a fact that (since I lived in Minnisnowta for about 7 years) that they indeed do have laws that require gas stations to charge a certain amount above cost. The minimum used to be 2 cent a gallon but I guess with the passing of time that it has risen to 8 cent.

The idea is to keep the voracious from under pricing the mom and pop operations. In Minnisota(oops spelled it right by mistake) they find value in those one horse operations. Ok.

I have recently heard rumor that Hospitals get tax breakes for hiring foreign Doctors for staff. A hospital that I know has run off all of it's white American born staff just so they could make a buck from uncle sam. WRONG! By the way that is Bill Clinton and Dumbocrat party crap.

Here is another incredible rumor. All along the freeways and in local gas stations here in Georgia, foreigners have been buyiing up the freeway motels and older gas stations. They do this because they are getting interest free loans to purchase them. They also have been bringing in foreign employees who do not have to pay taxes of any kind. I have also heard the rumor that India still employs slavery. Bill Clinton and the Dumbocrats. Non- Christians apparentely don't see anything wrong with this.

I do , and I am voting Republican and Christian. Don't like it? Tuff!

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