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First amendments rights,

Subj: COMMON SENSE - Balancing Act
Date: 5/8/2004 6:01:16 AM Eastern Standard Time


"Balancing Act"

We find ourselves in the middle of an election year,
and, because of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance
law, in a muddle.

While Democrats took the lead in arguing against soft
money, it is Democratic groups that are now using
what other Democrats call a loophole to raise and
spend large, unregulated contributions to defeat
President Bush. For instance, Congressman Marty
Meehan, term-limits turncoat and author of the Don't-
Criticize-Your-Rulers Act, argues these groups should
also be regulated -- er, silenced -- by the FEC.

"To do nothing," he wrote to the FEC, "would be to
bless a loophole that will have grave consequences."
Huh? Freedom of speech used to be a part of the
Constitution. Now it's a loophole.

But Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi and 121
other Democrats signed a letter to the FEC saying
that the "proposed rules severely undermine" the
balance between regulation and free political
expression, which they point out also has
"potentially severe consequences."

The problem -- in the minds of these Democratic
congressmen and, more importantly, in our legal
system -- is this idea that our First Amendment
rights are to be balanced against the compelling
state interest in regulating elections.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow, or even
suggest, that our rights can be "balanced" against
the desires of career politicians to take away those

The First Amendment is explicit that Congress shall
not regulate speech. How do we balance that against
the politicians' desire to regulate what's said about
them? In a better world, we don't.

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Ok Now here is my 2 cents worth. The don't bad mouth our congressmen laws are unconstitutional and therefore unlawful. Let me prove it too you.

Congressman Marty Meehan is a devil and unworthy of the kingdom of heaven and has no say whatsoever in any thing that is in governement, further more he needs to be sensured and any congressman who participates put on a black list so that he no longer propegates his version of democracy. If I wasn't a christian I would use every explitive in my repetoir to describe him as a miscreant. Nya nya nya stupid laws. Ya can't get me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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