Monday, April 19, 2004


This guy Dan made an excellant comment concerning the existance of God, at HAC's site so much so that I thought a link was necessary.

"I don't care if your points are scientific, logically valid or the product of "early indoctrination"...there is so much more to philosophy than the confined structures of rigor we impose upon ourselves. That's what's so funny about this whole discussion. You guys are still so trapped in the idea that you are actually capable of arriving at THE (unlimited) TRUTH by using the limited constructs of human invention! It's arrogant! You might be smart people, hell, I'm a smart enough person myself, but it is all meaningless if I assume that I am capable of truly arriving at truth by using only one aspect of my manifest reality, namely my ability to 'almost' reason!"

After which I made these comments without having first read his. Hmmm. Quite a coincedence don't you think.


"and I'm with the ancient romans on considering christianity a dangerous superstition(and it certainly did end up doing a number on them)."

I'm interested as to how you think passive christians brought down Rome?

I say the Roman civilization died a natural death due to it's apathy for survival.
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If the creator of the natural laws of the universe descided to move about and alter things such as time; since we exist in the same universe beholding to time, we would also alter with it so we wouldn't know unless the very same creator showed it to us.

We may be stuck in this universe but the creator is not.

I also want to address the question of control. Is God in control. Before their was a heaven or a universe their was God. Before their were natural laws there was God. There was nothing but God. Alone. Nothing else. No one. Nothing but himself. Nothing to make anything out of, no rules. We are made out of what he created with what he had on hand, Himself. If God takes a whim, we disappear like a vision vanishes at a sudden clap of thunder. No trace-no rememberance of who we were or that we even existed.
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At his maintenance we live and in his timing the flesh dies. We do not however.
Can you buy a friend. Everyone knows that you cannot.
If you love someone can you make them love you. Everyone knows that you cannot.
You must choose to love God. You must choose to want to be with God.
If you truly want to be with someone and you truly love someone you must let them choose to be with you not force them. Everyone knows what would happen if they tried to force you to love them. You would run from them as soon and as fast and as far away as possible.
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Natural laws are not for God they are for us. Our fence. God does not see us as temporary. He sees us as eternal. Forever. Infinite. We see ourselves as temporary. Finite. We think finitely. Limited. And our minds being limited think of a limited God. He is not.
We get to choose to spend our eternity with God or not. What is your choice? To think of a limited God and miss the mark(in greek,sin)and miss eternity in paradise or to choose to love him accept his forgiveness for our pitiful limited attempts like little babies at trying to emulate him? In his image.
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