Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This is the 700th and final posting to this site. I thought it was fitting to end it there . For more of what many consider to be nutbag stuff go to my new site. Just click on the link below for the latest articles. Of course the truly nutbag stuff I may post on the web is in another site I will not divulge to the average surfer. To find that you will have to spend a lot of time searching millions of possible websites or be a hacker.

I f I were a hacker I would think 'it's a trap' , cause it is. HAHAHAHAHAHA (had to get that in there one last time)!!!!! Of course there are those who by there overconfidence would try anyway but you know it really is not that important, and if I am right then it will all be moot in a few years anyway because the world will be in the midst of the tribulation and I will have been killed along with a couple three billion others. If you want to know some more of what I have said about this go a couple of posts down to my archive links and surf around. As strange or arrogant or nutty or whatever you may think, it is still new and cutting edge.
Some of it is ordinary ,the grammer isn't perfect, the spelling is off(which I like to make fun of here and there) but my goal was to get what I was thinking in there, not try to impress people with my skills in writing.

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