Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Which sin gives anyone the right to preach the word of God.


If it were not for the grace of God no man or women on earth would be perfect enough to preach his word. None are worthy to even speak his name.

Only by a devil would a preacher ever tell a congregation they should not talk about Jesus even when they are sinning. It is not our sin that saves us but the grace of God.

One of the greatest evangelical preachers of the late 1800's yet died in his sleep of alcohol poisoning with a bottle still clutched in his hand. If the holy spirit will work through an alcoholic what moron of a preacher but one full of a devil would preach a sermon against mentioning Jesus name or preaching the gospel. Jesus warned against pharasees and saducees who increased the burdens of the people blocking the door but wouldn't enter in to the kingdom themselves.

Get it right you stupid overeducated muckers or get out from behind the pulpit.

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