Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Terroristic Threats

I was down at one of my parts houses talking to the warehouseman about how I deal with anger. For a little explanation in how I handle my anger most of the time is I see in my hands two swords and I kill whatever I feel in me that I am mad at until the anger goes away. The ignorant dude tells me as long as it doesn't come out of my mouth or then it is considered a terroristic threat. B---sh--. I can kill anything within my self that I so desire. It's not like I am going around in public and brandishing a freaking sword screaming like a fruit and nut case or like the dude they just shot down in a local cemetery who was pointing his finger at the law enforcement apparently pretending to shoot at the cops(which by the way I would have shot the dude also) Though I have to say that at the range the police were they could probably see that he did not have a fire-arm(no pun intended).

Never the less the only thing that anyone could tell me to do is try to force me to get sick-o-therapy which they would have to drag me to in chains. Either way what I do in my own self is still not a terroristic threat. There do however seem to be some fruit and nut-cases out there that apparently think that doing those things is actually some kind of threat like it would really happen or that stuff really happens to people when I do that. Screaming Rofl. Now who needs the psycho-therapist.
Whether I could do so and harm people with my mind or not how could any give witness against it for who could give scientific proof. None could.

Now I understand that the prophets of old had a sword but was it real or was it in the spirit with the power to kill a living breathing human being. After all the man and wife died at Peters feet when they withheld and Peter called them out before God in the matter. And if you did not believe in Jesus nor the bible nor God nor that a man could wield such a power but you became afraid of me when I tell you that I will put this spiritual sword to you then who needs the freaking therapy.

If these things are so and you have noticed that people whom offend me are suddenly turning up ill and are dying from diverse sorts of disease I would sure like you to prove this to me then I would know that I was indeed one of the most powerful men on earth. After all by your proofs I would have within me the power over life and death.

See where these nuts have to go with this.
Unfortunately there are some in law enforcement who think that what a person thinks constitutes terroristic threats and
unfortunately I think we have hired way to many nuts into law enforcement. You know the kind I mean. The ones that swear that they hear the voice of God in their heads. Or how about the ones who think they know what other people are thinking. Nuts everyone of them. In fact I think I got a ticket from one of them the other day. The reason I think that is as he was walking back to his squad car I just happened to glance in my side view mirrow after him. As he got to the back bumper of the vehicle I was in he suddenly turned around in a-draw sucker stance. I am thinking what the f--k is he doing? Nuts, he's nuts, they hired a nut.

What matters in this country by our constitution is what a man does, not what he says(or thinks). By the way that is called freedom of speach. Oh yeah that's right we don't follow the constitution any more We just give it lipservice.

Thinking that you can hear what other people think is where that which is most evil exists and I guarantee you that no man outside of God can discern when he might be deceived into thinking that he heard someone say something that they have absolutely not thought. That being so the accuracy of what they think they hear is going to be low especially if he can get his people to do something to some-one he hates like Christians.

By the way these people are called Men of the Beast or MOB for short. Yeah that's right, I said MOB. Now you know when the idiots in the news media are referring to Organized Crime as Mob activity they are probably not correct. Though the MOB may be into organized crime it is usually more directed at a goal other than money. That being World domination. Now you also know that all these stupid things that go on in the effort to bring about a one world Government actually have a directing agent. Satan.( Not to be confused with Mafia. Though some of these demonic men are or were apart of the Mafia, the Mafia is in essence a different group of people.) Most Mobsters that I have met (Yes I have met a few) Fact is I have come to recognize them (the old "I see you for who you are" thing)are vocally quiet and though they appear to be nice if you pick at them a little a beast will jump right out at you. A little thin skinned they are. Still they apparently communicate at a different level And everything is memorized, there would be no written record of what they were doing and if so it would be very hard to determine what except for a ragged general direction mainly an effort at trying to get rid of everything concerning Jesus.
That being said Jesus says resist the Devil and he shall flee comes into play. In other words it is very important for Christians of all ilks not to be drawn into anything such as rumormongering and ostracizing any one unless there is incontrovertible evidence. Even then it is a Christians job to ignore rumors and treat all people with the utmost love and respect......

Funny how I meander here. Back to the main course.

Frankly All souls belong to God and no one dies before their time but if someone you know whom offended me suddenly up and died maybe you should ask me if I put the sword to them. I won't lie I would simply tell you. But I guarantee you I will gleefully make fools of you if you try and blame me for their death. That would be something akin to blaming me for hurricane Katrina (bait), Or the Tsunami in Indonesia (nibble).

I suppose that about sums it all up. This is a challenge you know. No lieing allowed. God is watching and sees everything.

By the Way there will be no more MOB forever by the year 2070.

Eze 13:19 And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your lies?