Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Michelle Malkin

Boing Boing


I have descided that TTLB is a subjective rater and his intent is to list the blogs that he mainly likes. OK ,but that is for him and not for the rest of us. I told you that I would find another way (and I have) not subject to his algorithms. Besides I just checked out the technorati top 100 and found out that the rankings appear to be scewered around a bit because Boing Boing is is is da ta da number one.

I suppose that I could go finish up my programming degree and figure out how to build a rater system along my lines of thinking too.
If I were rating blogs I would have to say that traffic and links would have to count, even link slutters. Why? Because it is about getting some people to your site so you can make a buck. Of course I don't have that problem because I ain't got no advertising. Maybe in the future but I figure that if I can't pay one hundred percent to my site why mess around with that.