Thursday, September 15, 2005

The pledge of allegiance

I have never made a direct prophecy in my web site mainly because I have never been led to do so. That is about to change.

Another federal court decision in California;which of course will opposed all the way to the Supreme Court, to ban the citing of the pledge in schools because it mentions God.

Does this nations leaders not get it yet or what? How about another natural calamity of massive and unprecedented size? Shall I put a dollar figure on it?. Would that impress it upon everyone the absolute necessity of not removing God from our everyday public lives? How about in human toll? Would one even larger and more horrific than Katrina do?

You know we are very good at rescuing people. Would we be able to rescue them this time or would we be forced to stand by the wayside and watch helplessly as people screamed for help?

I am getting ashes in my eyes. Why?