Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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I am humbled and honored by the attention that I am getting. As always I am surprised to find that I have been listened to by a greater audience than I could physically perceive. The responsibility which has been placed on my shoulders is mighty but I do not bear it alone nor could I.

It is very hard to conceive of ways in which to communicate all of the things which I feel/think that I should.

Let me just say that the main thing which I will try to deal with are the social direction with which this nation is going and the social direction it should be going.

In the past it was as if could tell that there was a god but just the same had no proof of any kind and just went on blindly believing until one day I simply could no longer sustain my own faith and found that living a Christian life was a good life to live and being one of commitment consciously decided to live that life.
And in a last moment for me God allowed the revelation to me that there was indeed more to this universe than the concrete. By these words that came from nowhere spoken in response to my shouted inquiry," God what am I doing with all this stuff".(I had a lot of junk) "Sell it and give me the money". My immediate response was "This is real"! I walked from blind belief that there was a God into life.

No turning back. The realization that God is in control and had his loving and guiding hand in my life all along was enough. I had finally received all that I had desired. Knowing that if no one else loved me the Father did. That all of the pain and turmoil that I had been through had been to strengthen and prove me.

When I look back at some of the things that I had been through and then look at similar events in other people's lives and the huge difference in their ultimate negative behaviors I can only be grateful for the answered prayers to keep me from evil. And the testimony that no matter what this world throws at you you can survive it and take the lessons learned and help others survive, so that they may understand that they may not just live but live good lives. Whether it is productive or exemplary making this struggle just a little better one person at a time.

Mankind will not quite get all the way by itself to this dream we have of a truly harmonious world. For that we need the Author himself. The Creator of us who knows exactly how and why we were programmed. And I have it on good authority that he will be here. And that by any measuring stick whether it is eternal or by our own mortal clocks the timing is short. We are at the time of the end. Even if the battle between the Ram and the He goat is stretched out we have I estimate no more that 15 years and is closer to 11 and counting before the beginning of the tribulation.


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