Monday, July 18, 2005


Main Entry: rel·a·tive [1Pronunciation]: 're-l-tiv Function:
noun Date: 14th century
1 : a word referring grammatically to an antecedent
2 : a thing having a relation to or connection with or necessary dependence on another thing
3 a : a person connected with another by blood or affinity b : an animal or plant related to another by common descent 4 : a relative term

Everything is relative they say. Well yes and no. I am not in the mood to debate the relative matters but the fact is a rock is not water and water is not a rock. not related. Yet they are, because the rock and the water exist in this time and era................All things in moderation people.....If you over think your problems then there will be no limit to the bottom of the hole you dig(related to the bottom less pit). If you learn to put limits on yourselves then you will have also a limited bottom. Some may consider that this may be related to self discipline. I agree.

What's the matter Dr. C? Afraid to say it like it is? I am more afraid not to say it at all rather than say something that the ignorant may not understand. Understanding is for the moronic as well as the "relatively intelligent",so to speak.

Do things that I say make you mad? I guess that puts us in the same boat then. We make each other mad. Hm. Relative isn't it now.

See my point. If you take everything the Nth degree they cease to relate and yet they still relate. An awful thought when you try to be holy in and of yourselves because when you take everything to their limits you are still related to sin.

Hence you can be saved by none other than the Grace of God whom sent his only begotten Son that whomsoever believeth on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

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