Saturday, February 14, 2004


I managed to print out Ted Kazinski's manifesto.
You know what's bothersom about it? Other than the guy had faulty ideas they were well thought out and articulated. Even though written well we wouldn't even know about him and his ideas if he hadn't resorted to violence,and that is a bad problem.
It raises the question about whether that speaks well of a society when we would listen to off base people and ideas only if they get violent. It also brings to reasononing debate questions about whether we should sequester such writings for the public good. I have no doubts that reasonable men would be able to put aside as fallicy such things as this manifesto would try to instill yet if we as a nation are to survive, then we had better be doing a better job of educating all of our children against falling to the evils of taking violent action to acomplish social or political ends. We call that terrorism.
We have elections and we vote and that is the process.
If we don't like the outcomes then we wait. Mabey even wait a lifetime. But Kazinski wouldn't wait to see if his ideas would stand the test of time. Patience is a gift and if people won't be, and try to push through thier ideas then what we may get is something other than democracy and I for one do not want to take a chance on some other form of government. What America has is the best the world has ever come up with.
It is a proven fact that time and time again we the people have won over all kinds of evil. corrupt groups, and individuals which had thought to bribe, corrupt, or manipulate thier way to power. Every single one.
My Brother is pro-humanity, pro-family, pro-America, and pro-himself.
No offense intended brother. I wouldn't take a thing from what you are trying to say and do.
I'm just pro God and the rest of mankind sucks. The sooner every single man on earth acknowledges that we are nothing the sooner we can get on with.... Oh I don't know... Going to Mars and stuff. Does't anyone want too know what's up there or are we to stuck on our selves too care. Oh yeah. I forgot we are in the beginning of the throws STAGNATION.
Hey I guess my key word for the day is ignoramus.
I think I like it cause it rhymes with anus. It goes along with anal---personalities that is.
Irreverant, You betchya.
Further limitations on anarchy,

Anarchists are not anarchists. If they are they need to walk as far out into the woods take off their machine made clothes and start over like cavemen. Let us see if they can hack the weather . Let us see if they want to make a life without their phones or refrigerators, and a ready food supply. They could if they had a mind to but even Ted Kazinsiki had to use man made mass produced stuff to do the stupid things he did even though he lived like a hermit. All these things come as a blessing of a structure maintained by guess who? Us the people.

Governments exist for a purpose. To ensure a structure that allows people to feed, cloth, and house themselves and to help those who cannot. There are 6 billion people today and they all need food, clothing, and shelter and this is a giant job all by itself.

Men (mankind includes wombmen too) are natural ignoramuses and anarchists are no different. If they are looking for a little room to spread out well never fear their wish is to come true only it won't be by their hand but a true act of God.

There is a nice little prophecy in Revelations about a great big meteor which will be a hitting this planet and if I got the connecting prophecies right it should be sometime between now and 2070. This and the ensuing war should drop the pop. back to about 1970 levels. So y'all can relax cause anything whether it be evil will be rocked, shocked, and jocked off its feet. And of course any of you anarchists left around will have a couple of 3 years to enjoy a little bit of life without any one telling you what to do....... Not.

Friday, February 13, 2004


Anarchists aren't anarchists. If they are they need to walk to thier protests (or sail), not drive, not fly, not ride on a train, not even car pool.

It's because of the blessings of civilization that we are able to have any of these labor saving tools of life.

Oh, and one more thing when they get back to thier home after protesting. They need to call thier ele. co. and cancel thier eletricity.
Well I tried to set up a comments spot but I failed

In the words of a commander of a mining vessel in a favorite pc game I play.


It's Friday the 13th.

13 is not an unlucky number. It is the luckiest number of all.
There were 12 desciples and Jesus made 13.
Every empire that was not sooooooo evil that the world did not rise up and destroy it eventually fell into stagnation and by this weakness fell to other predator nations or withered.

In the United States case probabilities suggest withered.
Can blades of grass become a lea in the wind or do they just bend whichever way it blows?

I've never been protected from the wind by grass.
What is the root cause of stagnation

I don't know-I don't care.
Iv'e learned something,

The more I learn the more I want to learn and realize that I have more to learn.

I'm more afraid of stagnation than I am a depression. At least in a depression things are cut and dried. In stagnation we know that something stinks we just -can't -quite -put our finger on it.
The one thing I understand,

The more I understand the more I realize that I don't understand so I've stopped trying to understand.

Now I understand.
I....i. i....IIIIII

My mother says to me one day,"Your not God". Puzzeled -I said I know that.

Must have been the I's that got her.

Thursday, February 12, 2004


I must like it even though I don't read it that much.

As I sit here scritchin my cat rereading my pitiful work I realized how redudant my sentances and paragraphs are.
They are either latent poetry or I need to practice some sentance structure. Mabey I should have cared to study my english lessons in school. Ugh!
About christmas

There is a small effort to make Christmas a merchants only holiday by removing Jesus from it.

The merchants owe thier wealth to Christmas. 40%of all economic activity are due to Christmas. Christians whom worship Jesus. The cause? The great upwelling of a desire contained within Christianity to give. Hm-where does that come from?

I have only one more thing to say.

Many kingdoms of this earth have become the kingdoms of our Lord.
Comments then,

Let us add another perspective to the picture.

God's perspective which is always preiminate, and mans because as men we don't have a choice. We are men.
I believe that a great portion of the people who go nuts mixed spiritual with fleshly views and voila can't seem to discern between the two.

Hey I get to have my opinion on this. I say that just in case you think I may have experienced it myself.

What is!
Straight up it is then Al

Yeah- tough but kind

True men are tough and stubborn about being kind and doing the right things. I think if you ever get to meet my brother you will find that he has the true quintesential gentlemenly qualities that we all truly admire. Toss in a quirky sense of humor ,3 or 4 degrees and you got bread.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Life is a long road and we all gotta stop for gas sometime"

A quote from the character Doug Heffernan on the show King of Queens.
What Is,

I remember people wandering around saying "what is, man." We all used to smile at it and highfived and maybe do funny things with our hands in some strange effort at coming up with a greeting other than a common handshake.
The other day as I was pondering about, I had 1/2 an epiphany. What is the truth. 2+2=4 No matter how many times I add it up it still is the same. Why is it then that 65% of Iraqis want us to stay but the media is working so hard to make us look bad there? What is the big kiniption with us going there in the first place?
I personally would have not wasted any time in kiel hauling Iraq because Saddam Hussein was an active supporter and contributed to terrorist groups and activities. Saddam had been keeping in touch with Al Quada too. Worse because he was the leader of a nation had access to his own intelligence service. Uh- wait a minute does that mean I may be suggesting that Hussein was actively committed to covert actions against the U.S.. Duh-Huh. I am. For some reason people seem to have such a narrow view of what covert actions may entail.
Use your imagination. If you couldn't insert people in sensitive intelligence or military or other government institutions, then the easiest way may be to insert a large number of people in the private sector with a simple task. Disrupt as much as possible the ordinary day to day activities of work. Because of the competitive nature of our businesses, little if any would be reported to gov agencies as possible covert activities. In fact virtually all of it would be written off as bad management or as a drop in the quality of the labor pool.
The question then might be If this were so what could we do without jumping to a McCarthy style of quest ( I'm proud of a fellow crazy anti-communist Wisconsonite). One of the things that we have tried to do in this country is push responsibilities as far down the the ladder as possible in the work place. The belief being that the workers at the bottom doing the day to day slog are in a better position to find an efficient way of accomplishing a task. They are indeed. However the mid level management got lazy. Also with the heavy attack on businesses by our unstructured court system(ie. lawsuits). Coupled with the cheating society we live in today and a Dictator named whosit's who vowed revenge after gulf war 1, we have a recipe for economic frustration.
What is?
Put the supervisors back behind the employees in direct oversite quit the crap, gossip, lying and make every employee work the work. No sloughing off no blaming others for their own laziness, no dumping the hard stuff on others. Managers in the not to distant past used to get their promotions based on their own staffs productivity and how well they trained their replacements. Managers should not be promotable unless they have a good qualified individual that could step up to bat. Management used to be happy to give people good performance reviews because it meant they were doing a good job too. No one was afraid of the truth, no one was afraid that they would loose their job to a lower paid employee. Everyone worked hard and was happy to produce. Employers were glad to keep good workers around and happy to pay them for it. The old saying still goes. Yah get what yah pay for. If ya want slaves ya have to pay for them but last time I checked the slaves weren't the better workers.
Employers worked hard-employees worked hard . That's life.
I got news for young uns- ain,t no free ride.
Get to work!

Meandering -I must love it.

What about this theory of mine that perhaps Saddam was behind some of the weird stuff that is going on in this country. Well, It's a free country. As long as I'm willing to look at it as a theory and a possibility and not reality then that supposedly makes me sane.

What is?

Subj: Mass. high court (small case on purpose) and marriage
Date: 2/11/2004

The Massachusetts high court is not in the position to tell the makers of the constitution of Mass. To change the constitution of Mass. It is the job of the Massachusetts governing bodies to make the constitution and any amendments according to the will of the people of Massachusetts and ratified according to their ratification process.

The high courts job is only to do as the constitution stipulates and the furthest they can go is to recommend changes -not order them.

By legal rights the legislature of Mass. can completely ignore the order of the court as unconstitutional, and any effort made by the high court of Mass to enforce their order should be treated as a crime by the high court, subjecting the high court to impeachment by the Mass.governing body.

In fact if it went that far the high court could be tried and imprisoned because in essence it would be committing a crime.

It takes almost no courage to do what is right only to do it.