Friday, November 12, 2004

I am very glad to report that Living in Babylon is back in the blogging bis. Though he has been back for a while one of his recent entries draws my attention for it's absurdity and proof that liberals and devocrats are collectively insane. That's what they get for turning their back on God. NUTS! By the way his link is on my side bar. Also I want to say that with people like him and several others I know that Wis. is in good hands.

...And all this is after a recent (but little reported on) study showing that well over 30% of public school teachers in big cities send their children to private schools!! They recognize the abysmal failure most of our public schools have become, yet keep resisting the charter school and voucher program movements because of their best buddy, the good 'ol NEA! All the while, sending their own children to better schools...I wonder how they explain this to the parents of the children they teach?

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