Friday, September 17, 2004

Ok this one was way too good to pass up

To Get a Promotion, Pass Gas at Work

On the surface, it would seem that passing gas at work would brand you as a no-good, impolite imbecile. Turns out, that's just wrong. If you want to move up in the corporate world, here are two pieces of advice: Don't pack your lunch and do pass gas in the copy room.

Wireless Flash reports that this is the advice from authors Brad Embree and Jared Shapiro, who wrote the book, "Going Corporate: Moving Up Without Screwing Up." And amazingly, it's getting rave reviews from bosses and other corporate types. Playing the corporate game is all about your image. Bringing your lunch to work says you're a penny pincher. If you eat out, you'll project the image of being someone who is important. (Do it too much, and you'll project an image of someone who is overweight.)

And about passing gas: It's just fine to "let one fly" at work since it supposedly shows a lot about who you are and who you want to be. Embree suggests the best place for this particular activity is in the copy room since it is usually well ventilated and will minimize your trail, so to speak.

Knowing such vital tidbits as this is all part of the unwritten business etiquette that will enhance what the authors call your promotion potential. (It may also help if your boss has a somewhat diminished sense of smell.) "Going Corporate" is ideal for the young 20-something crowd; it's irreverent enough to keep them interested and practical enough that bosses will endorse it. Read this book and you'll know what to wear on casual Fridays without having to ask.

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