Friday, September 10, 2004


The sound of chainsaws has finally dwindled. For the last 24 hours you could here the sound of chainsaws all over the city as people cleaned up after the storm. And now everyone is awaiting the next storm the third one projected to hit Florida this year. It has been 40 years since 3 major Hurricanes hit that state but I remind everyone that it is not unprecedented. I wish that people would remember that to sit and say I am tired of the battle well Move. For God sake crap happens.

I'm scared that the other locust tree will fall on my meager home if we get another high end tropical storm but you know what? If it does I'll fix it up and carry on. What else in the history of mankind have we done. If you nincompoops want to wine about the weather you could move to Iraq or how about the north pole better yet the south pole. Now buck up and get on with it or get out. Do me a favor and don't move to my city-we hate waa-iners here. We would rather work our selves to death than waa-ine about it. This is a city of solutions not waa-iners.

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