Monday, July 12, 2004

Yeah-it looks like freedom is the problem.

So the slavers would think. This nation is larger than others are and we have been so used to going and doing what we want,( I am not proposing we be anything else)that a bullet train may very well be a novelty. But then again it would not be the first time that a novelty became a necessity here in the U.S.. I say build it and see if we don't learn something from it other than what getting bit is like, not that we don't know what that feels like.
Here is a thought. Airplanes don't pay taxes for thier medium of travel (air), just airport access, and truckers don,t pay road fees just gas taxes. Hmmm. main reason railroads don't make it are taxes. I see a need for underground railroads. Oh yeah, that has already been thought of. The government used to subsidize railroads by not taxing them for the land they owned to put the tracks on. Jessy James was born out of railroad excesses. Pay backs are always a .... you know. If the Gov. owned the tracks and private companies owned the trains and paid access fees trains might make it. But then again I am for keeping a couple of years worth of food around too.

This is a response that I gave to an article by Mr. Lance Burri from Barraboo Wisconsin, a place I have been a time or two. Nice little town.

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