Friday, July 02, 2004

Ross Mackenzie

At installs a couple of gems for the Left Dingers to mull over.

John O'Neill, who took command of John Kerry's swift boat in Vietnam following Kerry's departure for home after just four months in country:
"[Shortly after his return stateside in 1971], Kerry crossed an important line, fully and finally breaking loyalty with those of us who were still under the fire of combat in Vietnam - first by falsely accusing us of war crimes and then by allowing himself to become a surrogate spokesperson for our enemies. More than 250 sailors from Coastal Squadron One, many of whom served alongside John Kerry, have joined together in signing a protest of our own. We have come together in a solemn statement that we who served with John Kerry do not consider him to be fit to be our Commander-in-Chief."

If Kerry felt he was unfit to lead men into combat, what makes him think he can be commander and chief in charge of a multimillion man army. He is an idiot who would get people killed for no gain. (my comment)


Historian Paul Johnson, in Forbes:
"Saudi Arabia is another country where intolerance has held back economic advance. No nation has received more cash from its natural resources than has this Sunni Muslim state, with its ferocious tradition of Wahhabi fundamentalism. What's happened to the wealth? Gone with the wind of bigotry. Some of the other oil-rich Gulf states have done a little better, but in none of them do enterprise and free-market capitalism flourish. . . . On the evidence of the second half of the 20th century, it would appear that Islamic state control is a formula for continuing poverty, and Islamic fundamentalism a formula for extreme poverty."

The results speak for themselves. (Me again)

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