Sunday, June 20, 2004

This is what the U.S. has come to-LIARS

The Lies Men Most Often Tell Women. This is how a man lies:
"I'm a millionaire."
"I'd like to marry before I turn 25."
"I like your cat."
This is how a woman lies:
"Oh, I love your hair!"
"No, I don't think you went too far."
"I might have to get that done myself."

Lying is the ultimate game of "he said/she said." Men and women not only lie in different ways, but also they have different definitions of lying.

Knight Ridder Newspapers reports that in the book "101 Lies Men Tell Women: And Why Women Believe Them," author Dory Hollander found that men lie to women to make themselves seem more impressive or to get something--like sex. Do men lie more frequently than women? No, they don't. In fact, women may even lie more often than men. A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts in 2002 concluded that 60 percent of us lie at least once during a typical 10-minute conversation.

Knight Ridder points to a different study from the University of Virginia which showed that college students lied to their boyfriends or girlfriends in about one-third of their conversations. Shocked? Don't be. They lied to their own mothers in about half of their interactions.

Get it from "101 Lies Men Tell Women: And Why Women Believe Them," by Dory Hollander. "We see the truth as brutal. A lie is an easy way out, rather than risking offending someone," Hollander told Knight Ridder. In fact, people who make it a point to always tell the honest truth--no matter the outcome--actually have limited and difficult social lives.

While both genders lie, each has different motivations. If some men typically lie to make themselves more impressive or even to escape a bad situation, women usually lie to protect someone's feelings or to avoid conflict. "Women's lies are not that sexy," Hollander explained to Knight Ridder. "Men's lies can be very creative." What's the downside of lying? Hollander says lying damages both people in a relationship since a liar never feels intimacy or love. It's romantic deception. The next time you chat with someone on the phone, beware! People are twice as likely to tell lies in phone conversations as they are in e-mail.

Guys, here's a secret: In doing her research for her book, Hollander learned that when men admit to women they are leery of a relationship, they actually do better than if they tried some sexy lie about wanting to get married. "It can be quite endearing to meet someone who's honest about not wanting a close relationship," Hollander asserts. "If a man starts out by expressing his doubts, he creates an arena for intimacy. He's showing who he really is."

My comments on this matter are rather redundant. So all I got to say is Holy Moley Rocky. When people respect a liar before they respect a truth teller we are in big trouble as a nation.

I hate to say this about Muslims but other than the fact that they want to eliminate us as a people they have a couple of things right about the U.S.. We have become evil subliminally. 60% of people lying in a ten minute conversation. WHAT THE F.... ARE THEY HIDING.

I am not having trouble with my social interactions by the way. It is the other way around. Other people have trouble interacting with me because they don't understand me because they are.....LIARS..... A liar would believe a lie before they would believe the truth(why I can't answer that one for you) and when they hear the truth it somehow confuses them. AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING. FREAKING AMAZING.

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