Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Our Grandmother has passed on

Al and my granddmother has passed on. Normally I probably would not write anything about something like this preferring to keep it within our intimate family but in this case due to my still recovering from pneumonia and neck surgery I will not be able to attend the funeral(not to mention that I am broke due to being on such a long convelescence).

I will remember her then this way. Man is a domino, and yesterday has led up to today. Who my grandmother was, has led up to who I am today and who I am today was intended by God. And I accept that for it is by God that he has seen fit to save me.

What I remember most about grandmother Erkkila is her fastidious attention to detail in personal relationships and her great desire to do things right and her great fear of doing things that would hurt others feelings. I remember the great sense of love that I could feel she had for her children and her grandchildren.

I remember how sensitive she was.

The other thing I would like to say is spiritual in nature. My grandmother had a gift from God and that is the gift of salvation. For written on her soul was the holy spirit and to that she rests this day in God. She rests from the turmoil of this world and at peace she never really realized she would have. With that I find great joy knowing that when I arrive their in Heaven I will find her with the Lord....perfected.

Love you grandma and I look forward to seeing you then at the wedding party.

Love....your grandson Ron

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