Wednesday, May 26, 2004

An example of the state of mind of our youth today

A Bizarre Secret Princeton Wants to Hide

Since March, 10 students attending the prestigious Princeton University have been arrested for shoplifting from an area store, reports The Associated Press of a published report in The Times of Trenton. The university refuses to comment or acknowledge the incidents, which has led municipal prosecutor Marc Citron to tell The Times of Trenton that the shoplifting is the university's "little secret."

"Everybody wants to hide it," declared Citron. "Nobody wants to think that a Princeton University student, a future secretary of state...would dare to commit a shoplifting." The items swiped include razor blades, cosmetics, sushi, and clothing. They were taken from the Princeton University Store, which is part bookstore and part convenience store and is independent from the university. Recently installed security cameras led to the arrests. The students were charged with misdemeanors, notes AP. !

Until now, Citron said he knew of two reasons why people would shoplift: They steal to buy drugs or they have psychological problems. Now he has a third reason. Citron told AP, "And No. 3 is the Princeton University student, and I am not quite sure what category they fall into. What troubles me is that some of the students feel that they are so privileged, that they have the privilege (to steal)." The students have not even been apologetic in their court appearances, he said.


Like I keep saying. The youth of our day are not getting the proper upbringing at home which armours our kids against this sort of behavior.
Our children are a blank slate and what we write on the chalk board of their lives is paramount to the success of the next generation. And for this Generation which we may have to rely upon them for our sustenance and economic health as a nation it is tantamount to national suicide, to not say the things that they need to hear. Such as: Thou shalt not steal. Respect other peoples property and lives. be good to your neighbor as you would be good to yourself. If we don't properly indoctrinate our children in the area of being a good honest, upright, forthright child we can expect to be rewarded by a generation that does not appreciate the sacrifice we made to bring them into the world and they will take for granted the lives that they have and they will destroy the foundation of the nation which we have created that shelters and protects them for the sake of their children.

If I were an employer I would want this very kind of employee because they are more productive than a liar, cheater, and thief who is just sitting thier trying to figure out how they are can rip off the company they work for. If Enron would have had a company filled top to bottom with these kind of people there would have been no Enron debacle.

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