Friday, March 19, 2004


Trying to define existence via the mode existentialism is like finding a giant boulder half buried in the ground. You can see the top half but in trying to understand ones self you decide to dig under the boulder and find out if there is more to the thing than you could see. When you have finally dug all the way under and then all the way out the other side you discover that the boulder still looks like a boulder.
You sit down to rest and take stock. Now what did I find? Rock, dirt, more rock, more dirt. Hm. I have a hole now, but it's still just a rock.

No kidding. It exists. We would be better off spending less time on esoteric thinking and more time figuring out how to utilize existence.
Final line. You exist. If you want to know why. You have to ask that which exists why you exist. Maybe that which exists just wanted a friend who exists.

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