Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What was my wife saying about idiots at work?

Well I have refrained from blogging about the idiots that I work with. Lord knows that there have been a bunch.

Let me tell you about my former employer. He is currently under investigation from the IRS to the state licensing board governing his license. The least he can hope for is just to lose his license. He should just move back to Alabama and give it up. He's an idiot.

And now to my current employer. To my knowledge knowingly hired a guy who lied during the application and hiring phase. The rumor that I heard was that he told everyone that he had to give 2 weeks notice to his then current employer but when the office tried to contact him his girlfriend told them that he wasn't working. Refer to several of my previous blogs concerning liars. This guy hasn't said the same thing twice. He is the biggest (I mean this in the most literal sense)damned liar I have ever had to put up with in my life not to mention that his mouth and his skill level in his job don't even come close to matching. My problem is that if this Idiot is the kind of man that this corporation is willing to hire well then I had some really great job offers that I turned down for this stupid company. They are idiots.

The thing of it is that it has been a major curse for any company to dis me. For instance one company that disappointed me lost 25% of their business (thats 15 milion in sales to you who are curious). Another company all of the employees that were apart of pissing against the wall(old testament biblical) with me are no longer employed in such good jobs and their lives now suck. Here is another example. One place that severely irritated me was turned into a 4 story high pile of rubble. One company turned from a descent little co. to bankrupt.

Time after time no matter the people if they fell to the wickedness of this world and believed the rumors or played their little games their jobs ended, careers stopped, companies failed. I may not have ever understood the reasons for their demise but I know that God who knows the thoughts of every-body does. It is not me you have to worry about it is God. As long as I am willing to turn my back to them then the not so notion that vengece is mine saith the Lord applies. In other words I am not getting even.......God is. You people aren't fighting me, YOU idiots are fighting God. Knock it off so I don't have to lament over you cumquats not listening to me and falling to your destruction. Oh wait a minute I'm just gonna forget about ya's.

Why I wondered for so long. All I can tell you is that if my present employer doesn't get the proverbial stuff together they too will fall off the mountain and I will carry on. By the way my recommendation for the owner of this place is to sell the mega termite infested stink trap before it takes him down. I hear that there is a slum lord that wants it and if I were him I'd sell while the selling was good. To those that work thier----waaaaa. Good luck cause since I don't believe in luck that is all any of you will have. To the next employer. Don't let any idiots near me cause if you nincompoops do? Well lets just say that I won't get in the way of God punishing you ie. I won't intervene nor intercede for you. Another way of putting it is it's your destruction not mine.

Be smart people and start believing that God is swift to punish and I have a trail of destroyed people and businesses to prove it. Also God is extremely thorough. None escape. You people should learn from the previous idiots and prove that maybe even fools can get a little wisdom. By the way I only wished them well and they only treated me ill.

Ok, now who's next on the idiot parade Next!