Saturday, August 14, 2004


I suppose that is irritating to people when I install a laugh like that in my blog or comments. I figure that people deserve a little explanation.

I am not laughing like that because I particularly think what I said was funny(some times I do) but because I am laughing at them. Mocking is the word. PBAB you know. I have been mocked a pretty good bit over the years and I get a little moses law-eye for an eye.

Most of my pay back has been in the area of watching what I say come true knowing the bu-bu-bu-bu-but stuttering of peoples astonishment. Now that I think is funny, HAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

BWAK BWAK (thats a chicken sound for those of you who haven't figured it out yet)

Crosswalk - Religion Today Feature: Judge Orders Bible Removed From Monument at Texas Courthouse, August 12, 2004
8/12/2004 1:23:55 PM Eastern Standard TimeFrom: (Crosswalk)

Today Feature Story a close-up look at the people, issues and events making news Orders Bible Removed From Monument at Texas CourthouseRandy HallEditor( - A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a Bible must be takenout of a monument outside a courthouse in Houston, Texas, within 10 daysbecause the display violates the constitutional separation of church andstate.U.S. District Judge Sim Lake ordered that Harris County officials mustremove a King James Version Bible from a lighted glass display case in afour-foot-high stone monument outside the civil courts building, as wellas pay $41,000 in court costs and attorney fees.In his ruling, Lake stated that the county should exercise religiousneutrality and "not be seen as endorsing Christianity.

My Question is why haven't these same Judges ordered the Supreme Court to take the sculpture of Moses holding the Ten Comandments off of there building and Congress to stop starting every session with prayer and the Supreme court from opening with prayer and other various exhibitions of Christianity, HUH?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Anti-christ

Will not be a Catholic.

He will be a Jew, a tracable member of the Levite Tribe, and of the House of King David.
Why you might ask. Because the Jews will not suffer anyone else to stand between the pillars of the temple.

So any talk left of saying that the Catholic church will be the house of the Anti Christ is a waste of time, speculative and simply will not be. The Catholics inspite of the thier terrible history and in my opinion having some incredibly wrong ways of doing things are still Christians endevoring to abide in the vine of Jesus Christ. Not my place to figure out what God had in mind concerning them but is my place to tell them how to better themselves as I find it in the scripture.